Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SJC Expanding International Terminal

Kim Aguirre--who is taking over as Director of Aviation at SJC--told the Business Journal that they are hoping to have a new international carrier withing the next 12 months. We all already knew that San Jose International has aggressively been seeking more international flights. However, Kim also dropped the news that they are planning to expand the international terminal from two gates to four by January 2015.

In order to put this in the cards, airport staff must be pretty confident about their international prospects. The ANA flight is doing quite well, so there is a good chance the next international carrier would be another Asian airline. I hate to say it, but given what happened with Asiana at SFO, I wouldn't be surprised to see them move some routes over to SJC.

As for domestic routes, Virgin is having a tougher time. There are 854 flights each month to LA from SJC, so the competition is stiff. Despite this Virgin says they are satisfied with where they are and are committed to the airport. SJC is also talking to carriers about expanding domestic services, especially to Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and Boston.

Source: SVBJ


  1. If Virgin wants a successful route out of SJC, they should immediately Institute service to Vegas. I'd definitely be on that flight!

  2. It looks like currently that there are only 4 flights per day internationally and only 2 of those are even remotely close. They must be very confident that they will be getting more flights.

  3. A lofty goal, but I'd love to see some directs to Europe, namely, Paris and Munich.

  4. booked my tokyo flight out of sjc via ana. price difference btwn sjc and sfo is not much considering the commute and going through a ton more people at sfo.

  5. SJC now has Hainan Airlines coming in to SJC.

  6. San jose would have British airlines landing in the airport by may 2016 and the airport is expanding next to martin road who knows it may be more terminals for future flights

    1. It will be more terminals on Martin, but for Google and other corporations. A true airport expansion may not come for a while, but if we keep landing flights like this one it will eventually happen.