Friday, October 4, 2013

South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk Today!

This Friday is the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk in downtown San Jose. 
Oct. 4th, 7-11pm, all venues are free & open to the public.
Here's just a few highlights to get you started Friday night:
At KALEID Gallery: new feature exhibitions by Mariya Milovidova, and Michelle Waters

The Journey new works by Mariya Milovidova
This particular collection of new works by Milovidova is the reflection of a personal life journey. This journey describes her fascination with fashion, foreign cultures, architecture, and romance. It can be seen in every single artwork as it tells its own story, but it truely comes alive when the viewer reads their own story within the paintings and drawings.
Mariya Milovidova was born in Odessa,the beautiful city in Ukraine by the Black Sea where she attended Greckov Art School studying the techniques of old school European masters. Currently she resides in Bay Area where she graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors in Studio Art.
We Are All Animals new works by Michelle Waters
The art in this show gives voice to the billions of animals who live, suffer and die in factory farms and laboratories, and the wild animals whose world is being stolen by habitat destruction, overconsumption and poaching.
It is not a question of Do animals have rights? But a question of What gives us the right, to take life? Where do we draw the line? These are the questions behind the paintings in this exhibition.
Michelle Waters has been painting since the mid 1980s, and shows her work nationally. She is also an animal rights, environmental and social justice activist.

Phantom Galleries presents Rocks, Waves & Clouds by Matthew Seigel at Pho69.
Similar to traditional Asian scrolls, Matthew’s paintings capture the impermanence of an idea or location. His new paintings were inspired by the natural beauty of a low tide walk along Maine’s rocky coast.
Overwhelmed with the colors, forms and relationships of rocks, the sea and sky, Matthew immediately set up an impromptu studio on his father’s farmhouse porch. The result are these modern, vibrant scrolls, acrylic on synthetic rice paper, hung on aluminum rods.
Matthew invites you to experience Maine.

Phantom Galleries presents Five Zero Five by Ashley Gulizia at Good Karma Vegan CafĂ©.
Inspiration is drawn from bright colors, striking shapes, and nature. It is the random things and places that spark perspective. Beauty is all over the place – even the rarest of places. Using light to manipulate dramatic scenes, the world becomes surreal. Opening thought to where beauty lies.

Phantom Galleries presents Heritage of Rural Life in India by Yasala Balaiah at 95 S. Market St.
Yasala Balaiah an established senior artist was born in India in 1939 & now resides in Hyderabad. Balaiah is also known for his delightful paintings of “Telangana Women,” drawn from the beautiful rural backdrop of his native land. His colorful paintings of brightly attired, dark complexioned, straight nosed strong boned Telangana women, captured with a native candor brings a refreshing whiff of rural splendor.
One can’t help but admire the artist’s attention to detail and the extensive work that has gone into not just portraying the expressions but their attire too. Use of bright orange, red, yellow and green has a captivating effect. Whether it is a group of women gossiping in the village or farmers with their cattle, each painting narrates a story of the rural life.

Phantom Galleries presents Dysfunctional by Andrew Agutos at 376 S. 1st St.
“My canvases are windows into an ideal world imagined in my head. Architectural, geometric structures are surrounded and covered in patterns referencing pop art, abstract expressionism and graffiti. Remixed Warhol-camouflage, iconic cartoon imagery and colors from the fashion world are presented in a synthetic space much like the internet. Organic forms are layered with angular shapes, creating environments that are comfortable, chaotic, inviting and unknown.”

Seeing Things GalleryDave Dave Dave featuring the photography of Dave Carnie, Dave Schubert and Dave Franklin
Everyone knows someone named Dave. Most know two, three maybe, even four or five Daves. I know a lot of Daves. I know a painter Dave, a few musician Daves, one of my oldest friends is named Dave, and the guy who lives next door to me is named Dave too. One thing I’ve figured out is all Daves are not created equal. Some are cool and some outright suck. The Daves in the Dave, Dave, Dave show, however, are what I like to call extraordinary Daves. All three of these Daves are photographers. These days the word “photographer” is thrown around too easily, but these Daves are not just good photographers, but great photographers. These Daves are Dave Carnie, Dave Schubert, and Dave Franklin. If you don’t know these Daves, look them up and be ready to see some things you’ve never seen before—and maybe add some more Daves to your life.

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design presents Suicide­ a new series by Barron Storey.
The legendary illustrator and fine artist, Barron Storey, returns to Anno Domini for his fifth solo exhibition with the gallery. Having lost several people close to him to suicide: mother, her brother, ex-wife, and close friend, Storey began asking others: “Did you know anyone who committed suicide?” So many did. Storey made drawings of each one in his journals….pages and pages of them. The resulting art works on canvas are poignant, beautifully expressed moments of deep despair and the struggle to understand “why?”.
An illustrator, graphic novelist, fine artist and noted educator, Barron Storey has created award-winning artworks for the covers and pages of Time, National Geographic, Saturday Review, and The Sandman: Endless Nights, among many others including the cover of the classic novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding (1980 edition.) His artworks are held in the collections of the National Air and Space Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, and Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.
Storey resides in San Francisco, CA and is a professor at California College of the Arts and San Jose State University.
Special music performances throughout the evening by Freya Seeburger (cello) & Giovanna Hutchison (soprano).

For full schedule of exhibitions and locations, please visit: www.SouthFIRSTFRIDAYS.comor you can keep informed through the Facebook page:

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