Monday, December 30, 2013

December 2013 Downtown Dimension Highlights

Here are my notes from the latest edition of Downtown Dimension:
  • Development construction in Downtown San Jose is booming. The only major new construction in the last five years was the Convention Center Expansion, but you can now see two massive cranes for the One South Market and Centerra high-rise apartment projects. In addition to that you will soon see cranes for:
    • Saint James Towers (2 towers, 20-22 stories, 612 units)
    • North San Pedro (6 stories, 408 units)
    • The Pierce (7 stories, 235 units)
    • Parkview Towers (18 stories, 197 units)
    • Marshall Squares (7 stories, 195 units)
    • Post and San Pedro Tower (19 stories, 156 units)
    • Civic Center (7 stories, 127 units)
    • Santa Clara County Family Justic Center (8 stories, 233,900 SQFT)
    • Hampton Inn & Suites (8 stories, 197 rooms)
  • San Jose's Office of Economic Development is revising its San Jose Storefronts Initiative, which helps small businesses lease vacant space by offsetting permit costs and fees. New restaurants will be able to apply and grantees can receive up to $16,000. The program will continue until the $250,000 of funding is used.
  • On any given night, as many as 25 Downtown venues can feature live music. Check out the SJDA Live and Local page for listings.
  • Thanks to some private contributions from Downtown businesses, the Downtown PBID was able to purchase a small electric vehicle (let's be honest, it's a golf cart) to help with security patrols.
  • A permanent US patent and Trademark Office that will service the entire west coast will occupy part of City Hall at 200 E. Santa Clara.
  • David Nevin, owner of the Rock Shop, is bringing live music back to The Back Bar at 418 S. Market.
  • Bel Bacio Imported Italian Coffee is now open at 350 W. Julian St. No. 4.
  • gZines! is now selling fine art and jewelry at the Fairmont Hotel.
  • Blackbird Tavern is now using the vacant 2,400 SQFT next door for private parties and events.
  • Thirst Tea is now selling boba teas and snow ice at 150 S. First St., Suite 118.
To read the full newsletter, click here!


  1. Interesting...Parkview Towers? Are we sure about this project? It's been in perpetual limbo since forever, and I haven't heard a peep out of it until now. Anyone else knows if there's some work going on behind our eyes.

    Oh's Barry Swenson. Never flying mind :P

    1. I worked on a Grad project last semester that focused on the St. James Park area. I am very excited to see the Parkview towers go up and see the First Church of Christ, Scientist restored. The project is still in the pipeline and is still expected to be completed. Side note, in our project we proposed turning the refurbished Church into a concert venue! You heard it here first!!!!

  2. One more slotted for June (7 Story Student Apartment Bldg), right behind the Vintage Tower on 6th:

    The $hit's on FIRE!

    1. Are there two different symphony projects going on? Or has it just been unclear to me exactly where it is planned for. I've heard of the location you mentioned above, but in the newsletter it also seems to mention the large space across from City Hall and in front of the parking garage where there is currently a car wash.

  3. Anyone know if there's a construction webcam for One South Market and Centerra? I want to see how progress is going!

    1. Here is a blog about the Centerra construction:

  4. When do they demolish my neighborhood for one of these crappy places?

    1. Not sure I follow how these are crappy places.