Monday, March 10, 2014

Electric Cloud Moving to Downtown San Jose!

Another hot tech company has decided to move Downtown, and they are taking over a very important building that has been vacant for two years. Electric Cloud is moving 70 employees from Sunnyvale to 18,600 SQFT at 35 South Market Street. This was formerly Xactly's headquarters (they are still Downtown, just needed more space). This is also one of the oldest buildings in the area, being built in 1889. Electric Cloud is going to turn it into a modern open-office floor plan which will be surrounded by historic character.

This spot is quite important since it sits right in the middle of Downtown and will be across the street from the new One South apartment tower. Activating this block is critical to connecting the islands of retail, residential, and office space.

Electric Cloud specializes in software-delivery optimization, essentially reducing time-to-market for companies to get their software in the hands of customers. They will be a very welcome addition to our city's core, and the employees won't be picketed or harassed like in other places around the bay.

Source: SVBJ, hat tip to Michael McAlister

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  1. One of my favorite downtown buildings...what a great space to work in! Glad it's being put to constructive use.