Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Stats: San Jose has the #3 Lowest Obesity Rate in US (For Large Cities)

We all know that obesity is a growing problem in the US, but the good news is that it is much less of a problem here than it is in other places. In a recent Gallup Well-Being survey, the San Jose area ranked as having the 3rd lowest obesity rate for any metro with a population of more than one million people. If you look at the largest 189 US Metros, we still fared quite well in 8th pace.

The most obese community in the US was Huntington-Ashland, where every two out of five people is considered obese. San Jose has half that rate with one one out of every five people being statistically obese.

Source: Gallup, Hatip to Filipe Medeiros


  1. Google is the tenant that is moving to massive corporate campus in North San Jose! Enjoy the North San Jose construction festival!

    1. Any other info you have to back that up? I'll pop a beer right now if its truly Google =)

    2. It sure is but can't give out the source. The city is going to have a feel day. Downtown SJ apartment construction boom will push pedal to the metal very soon as developers hears this news. You'll hear a confirmation of this move within the next few months, if not the next few weeks. Enjoy!