Friday, August 8, 2014

Sourisseau News: A Tale of Two City Halls

What city is that below? Check out the following short video to see two of San Jose's previous city halls... one that looks like a castle and the magnificent structure below. This might be my favorite Sourisseau News video so far.

A Tale of Two City Halls - San Jose from WMS media Inc. on Vimeo.


  1. No reason to have demolished City Hall in the 1950s...I'm sure people protested but political interests (what's new?) overrode conservation for the sake of $. Sigh. Not saying they couldn't have built a new city hall while repurposing the older building.

    1. I hate to see how our history has been demolished in San Jose numerous times. Just to built a 15 story "high-rise". It's sad, we have no identity as many American cities. Everything is divided into east, west, south, north central and downtown has no fun attractions! We don't even have a night vista point to view our valleys nice lights at night. Everything is put into high tech.

    2. I would completely disagree on the comment that Downtown does not have fun attractions and that we don't have an identity.