Monday, December 15, 2014

Federal Realty's Sequel to Santana Row Begins to Take Shape

Federal Realty has begun revealing conceptual plans for the site parallel to Santana Row where the domed Century Theaters currently sit. The biggest surprise for me is a 14-story office tower, since Federal Realty has seemed hesitant to utilize high-rises in any of their Silicon Valley projects. The tower (in purple below) would be right across the street from a Santana Row retail corner previously housing Eli Thomas and a kitty corner away from another 232,000 SQFT speculative office building that Federal Realty has just begun work on. The new tower would be 189 feet tall and have 126,000 SQFT of available office space.

Also part of the plan is nearly 1,000 apartments spread across multiple 6-7 story buildings. The project will only have 45,000 SQFT of retail, and that will likely be for a grocery story. So don't expect a true extension to Santana Row here, this will mostly be a residential and office development. To service all these new buildings will be 2,000 parking spaces, but none of it will be at-grade, All the parking will be in hidden structures above or below ground to really make it feel like a walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

You also might notice one dome in the drawing below. The Century 21 dome will be saved, though what it will be used for is unclear. After the realignment of Olsen Drive it will become a dominant architectural feature in this new project. Also note the new public park next to the Winchester Mystery House.

The timeline is not clear, but this will be one project we should keep a close eye on!

Source: SVBJ


  1. This area really needs better transit to support all this development. The highway gets backed up on weekends as it is. I know VTA is planning the 523 BRT along Steven's Creek -- and apparently this will go to the berryessa BART which is very nice -- but will that be enough? How about BART all the way to santana row? ;)

  2. They need traffic control cops at the turns into Valley Fair. People turning into the mall keep gridlocking San Carlos which backs up traffic all the way to the freeway b/c they can clear the intersection before the light turns back to red.

  3. This entire Project SHOULD of had been In DOWNTOWN SAN JOSE

  4. this is horrible...and it's only the beginning. I can't even imagine the traffic

  5. Why? This a a residential neighborhood, that's why. Notice the Winchesters enjoy the historic landmark for the house, but willing to indefinitely lease the Century Theaters to Federal Realty in order to build mix used high rises up against an single family home neighborhood homes.
    They are rezoning just for this, so in case you don't care, WATCH OUT. Liccardo is a real estate developer who lives in Los Gatos-he will build an empty building in the lot next to your San Jose property if he can help it.