Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Think Bigger San Jose: Convert Rooftops Downtown Into Terraces

As usual, Mark has some bright ideas on improving Downtown San Jose. His latest blog post proposes converting Downtown rooftops to terraces or gardens. This is an idea I completely agree with and it only takes one visit up to the Capital Club or Scott's Seafood to see the potential "sky terraces" can have Downtown. This is a great way of taking underutilized spaces and turning them into assets that residents can use 300+ days a year.

Read the blog post over here!


  1. Totally agree! We need to take advantage of the great weather San Jose has to offer and show it off a bit.

  2. Look over to Scotts Seafood. I never eat inside there, and you guys have posted about events at that location before! It's a great view and it's great to take advantage of the SJ weather.