Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bike Clinic Indiegogo Campaign!

The San Jose Bike Clinic wants to open a permanent bike-repair shop in Downtown San Jose! Nothing like this currently exists in San Jose--although this organization has occasionally done pop-up events in the San Pedro Square Market and Camera 12.

The San Jose Bike Clinic is a non-profit and is entirely volunteer run. They are looking to raise $4,000 and are almost fully funded. To contribute to this great cause (and get some nice perks in the process), head over to their Indiegogo Campaign Page.

The Vision
Imagine a space sustained by volunteer energy, filled with all the bike repair tools and parts you'd need and staffed by knowledgeable volunteer bike mechanics. Imagine the satisfaction of anyone who wants to learn having the knowledge to fix their bike themselves.
We are San José Bike Clinic, and that’s our vision. We believe knowledge is power, and our mission is to get more people on bikes by providing the community with that knowledge and a safe and friendly place to learn. We don’t just give you the tools, we teach you how to use them!

From lubing your chain to fixing a flat to building your own bike from scratch, the volunteers at San José Bike Clinic will steer you through the process and let you do the fixing. If you’ve ever been to a bike co-op or bike kitchen, you get the idea.

Our Roots
San José Bike Clinic started in 2012 when a group of bicycling enthusiasts in downtown San José had a question: What is San José’s biking community missing? 

We already have some of the best weather in the country, flat terrain, an active health and fitness-loving community, an eco-conscious mindset, huge San José Bike Party rides and fun test rides, more miles of bike lanes every year, and some of the best cycling events around. The answer came in the form of San José Bike Clinic, a volunteer-driven, community-minded dream that has become a reality and needs your help to thrive.
The mission of San José Bike Clinic is to build a robust and diverse cycling community through a shared and accessible place for bicycle repair and education. The vision is independence, self sufficiency and education to all in the cycling community.
After testing our idea since 2012 with monthly pop up clinics at San Pedro Square Market and three months temporarily popped up in Camera 12, we are asking for donors and volunteers to help us bring this cause to a permanent location.
How You Can Help
The money raised through our crowdfunding campaign will go toward rent, utilities, security deposit, and upkeep of the permanent space to help make San José Bike Clinic accessible to everyone.
After 6 months we intend to be fully self sufficient and maintain our monthly needs through the sale of used bicycles, bicycle parts, and various levels of membership fees.
Once we're open, we'll ensure the shop's sustainability by charging daily, monthly and annual membership fees that grant access to the shop and all its benefits. We won't turn anyone away for lack of funds. For those who can't afford the fees, we'll offer opportunities to volunteer hours in exchange for membership.
Since we’re a program of the nonprofit Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, all donations to this crowdfunding campaign and once we’re open are tax deductible except for any perks you receive.
What You Get in Return
We're offering perks for various levels of support we're asking for, everything from stickers to T-shirts, shop aprons, and water bottles. We're also offering one-month and one-year memberships at certain levels so you can visit the shop you helped make a reality, along with memberships to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition that include benefits like discounts at local bike shops.
If you’re passionate about cycling and want a place where the cycling community can learn, repair bicycles, and connect with each other, then help us make San José Bike Clinic into a downtown institution by donating today and inviting other bike-minded friends, family, and colleagues to join you.
Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email lists with people you think would share our vision. If you prefer to donate time we are always looking for new volunteers to help make San José Bike Clinic a community destination for all kinds of riders. Email sjbc@bikesiliconvalley.org if you'd like to join our team.

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