Monday, March 28, 2016

New SJSU student apartments are pending City Council approval

A 7-story, 86-unit apartment building has been proposed for the corner of E. Santa Clara St. and 11th St in Downtown San Jose. Given that it is two blocks away from the SJSU campus, it would be an ideal housing situation for college students. If it moves forward, there would a total of 171 beds in the building.

The project would also include 5,560 SQFT of retail on the ground floor and 5,700 SQFT of office space on the second floor. A restaurant was also mentioned as a possibility for the ground floor plaza. There would be a total of 67 parking spaces, far fewer than the number of students that would live in the building (some would say this is a positive--teach those young adults how to take transit, walk, or bike to get around).

The next step in moving the project forward is evaluation and approval by the City Council and the Planning Commission.

Source: TheRegistry, Robertee from The San Jose Development Forum


  1. Why can't it be 14 story or taller? Ban all 6 and 7 story buildings downtown!

  2. I like how the fewer parking spaces is seen as a positive thing. How about improving public trans so that it's more bearable in the first place? Most freshman and sophomore don't need cars, but juniors and up need cars for internships and jobs. Hopefully they will follow in 27North's footsteps and have bike facilities for storage and repair. On another note 27 North is ridiculously overpriced for these poor students.

  3. This isn't even legal, and neither is the other "student housing" project being built downtown. Unless specifically partnered with the university to provide housing to SJSU students, the owners cannot rent the units to students only. It's a fair housing violation in this state to limit occupancy based on student status outside of university-affiliated housing -- not to mention the age and familial status implications,