Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The San Jose Blog's 7th Anniversary!

Today marks a very special milestone for The San Jose Blog. Seven years ago today this site started as a personal project to highlight all of the great things happening in San Jose. I love this city, and wanted as many other people as possible to love it as well.

It started out as a challenge to show the world that San Jose is cool, has culture, and is worthy of world-class development. Fast forward seven years, and it is much less of a challenge than it was before. San Jose has come a very long way, especially Downtown San Jose which is thriving far beyond my expectations for 2016.

Over seven years the San Jose Blog has put out over 2,800 posts and welcomed 2,350,000 visitors. It has not been easy keeping things running for so long (as many other local bloggers can attest), but I would like to thank all of our contributors over the years for helping keep this special project going. I would especially like to thank Jen Bullock who manages all of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) in addition to her super-busy day job.

If you are interested in contributing--whether you would like to write posts, send in photography/artwork, or have unreported news, please feel free to email me any time at josh@thesanjoseblog.com. Last but not least, thank you to all of the readers for giving us the motivation to keep on going!


  1. Thank you Josh! Congrats! Love the daily blogs.

  2. Thank you, Josh. Your blog continues to be my first internet stop every single day. As a downtown San Jose resident, I can't overstate how helpful it has been over the years. Thanks again - and keep it up!

  3. Thanks, love the blog and your enthusiasm :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! We at Searchlight San Jose love this blog, and appreciate the work you do! Keep it up!

  5. I get my updates on the city from this blog! Thank you!