Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Okta is creating a second headquarters in Downtown San Jose

Okta is a hot "unicorn" tech company that provides identity management and security services for other businesses. In an unconventional move, they have decided to create a dual headquarters in the Bay Area.

They currently have 850 employees and around 500 of them work in the San Francisco office. That location limits their potential reach for talent, especially as commutes continue to get longer and longer with no public transit or highway improvements in site that will make a significant dent arriving anytime soon. Okta estimates that adding a HQ in San Jose will open up a third more talent that they would not have access to otherwise.

Okta will start with leasing the 16th floor at 300 Park Avenue near Adobe and right under Xactly. The 19,735 SQFT will provide enough room for at least 100 employees, but they have the option to expand to other floors in the building as well. They have already started hiring people for the office and plan to move in February.

The San Jose location will truly be a second headquarter. Executives will have desks in both locations and split their time between the two offices.

Why San Jose? They evaluated a lot of potential locations, but San Jose had the right mix of pro-growth mentality, expansion opportunity, urban amenities, and transportation options.

Source: SVBJ (Subscription Required)


  1. Xactly is on 16... Maybe 10?

    1. Maybe 1500... Xactly had some sort of a reservation on that floor but it was unused as of at least a year ago

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    1. I just saw the email!!! I was worried there was an embargo since the Michelin guide is not available until tomorrow, but now that it is public I will do a post right away. This is AMAZING news =)

    2. Here you go Josh, more proof! http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/10/25/michelin-adega-earns-star-for-portuguese-cuisine-san-jose/

  3. It's the 4th floor.