Sunday, June 11, 2017

Google may occupy 6 MILLION square feet of office space in Downtown San Jose!!!

Considering it has been on every outlet for the past week, this should not be "news" to anyone. If Google does go forward with their plan to utilize a staggering 6 million SQFT near Diridon, it will permanently change Downtown. There are still many "ifs" so I don't want to get too excited before this is a done deal, but wow... can you imagine. To put it in perspective, 6 million SQFT is more than double the square footage of Apple Park (the spaceship). It is also nearly double the SQFT of Google's current sprawling campus in Mountain View.

Take that in for a moment--if the full project gets built,, San Jose has a shot of actually becoming the Google HQ. It would make perfect sense since Mountain View is blocking expansion left and right, and given the state of traffic it would actually be faster to go from Caltrain between SF and Downtown SJ during rush hour than to the Mountain View campus. This is without even factoring in the furture BART or High Speed Rail options. Imagine all the buses on 101 that would become obsolete.

So far, the best write-up I have come across regarding the project is at Think Bigger San Jose. You should go read it right now for both the pro's and the con's of the project. Don't worry, I'll wait.

I completely agree with everything Mark said and there are some additional pro's I would like to add:

  • Reducing traffic since the location will be in the most connected transit hub on the west coast. Even people that drive will likely be driving less given the central location near residential. 
  • Increased property values in San Jose for existing homeowners (this can also be a con if you are not a homeowner).
  • Beautification of the Downtown skyline. If they build anything close to what was planned for Mountain View, it will forever change the skyline for the better (see images #2 and #3 below).

Let's all collectively keep our fingers crossed and hope the City of San Jose and Google can make this happen!

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