Monday, July 31, 2017

Adobe is expanding their Downtown San Jose Headquarters!

This fantastic news has been around for a couple weeks, but I just got back from vacation and feel obligated to repeat it. Adobe has been on fire during the past couple years and is looking to dramatically grow their headcount. The company is planning to build a fourth office tower at 333 West San Fernando Street to compliment their current three-tower headquarters in Downtown San Jose.

The new tower must be massive as it will have capacity for 3,000 employees. That is more than Adobe's current three towers combined (2,500 employees). The 333 West San Fernando parcel is already entitled for up to 725,000 SQFT of space and there is even a render of what such a building might look like (although Adobe will likely go with something more creative).

Downtown is really having a banner year when it comes to attracting more tech jobs. First the Google announcement and now Adobe is more than doubling their Downtown office capacity!

Source: SJ Economy, SVBJ


  1. Well, I wish it was more than tech employment, but good news anyway. I wonder what positions they are looking to fill. I think I missed the boat though being 53, and not a tech person. Well, good luck to those that are in the STEM fields.

    1. There will be plenty of supporting jobs needed as well: cooks, receptionists, janitors, security guards, etc. Plus it is never too late to change careers--on average people completely change careers 6 times in their lives.