Monday, March 12, 2018

New hotel proposed for SoFA

A 110 room hotel with two level of underground parking is proposed for South 2nd Street and Reed, which is part of San Jose's artsy SoFA neighborhood. San Jose hotels have been doing well enough to justify several new projects, especially in the Downtown area.

Once concern I have is how uninspired the drawing looks. Again, this is being proposed for San Jose's arts district. We can do better than prison aesthetics for this project. Perhaps the developer could let local artists do something creative with the exterior if they cannot afford a less generic design.

Source: The Merc


  1. I agree. It looks like a prison cell block. Terrible proposal. They need to submit a building with character and aesthetics.

  2. This is almost as bad as the Marriott hotel off of Santa Clara street just off the exit from 87 freeway. Whoever ok'd these designs should be fired

  3. Rendering looks like it was done by a first year design student using free software.