Monday, May 14, 2018

May 2018 Downtown Dimension Highlights

Here are my notes from the latest edition of Downtown Dimension:
  • The BART Board of Directors has officially joined the VTA Board in recommending a single bore subway under Santa Clara Street, greatly reducing the impact to Downtown businesses as well as construction time.
  • Four micro-retail spaces at the Market-San Pedro Garage will open on May 18th. Collectively these will be called MOMENT.
  • A temporary dog park will open at St. James Park later this month, further expanding uses for the park. A full remodel of the park is still in the works with a stage (50 music events per year), two dog parks, children's playground, and a lunch grove.
  • Google purchased the San Jose Water Co. site from Trammel Crow. This has already been entitled for 1 million SQFT of offices, 325 residences, and 35,000 SQFT of ground-floor retail.
  • Miro is adding 20 more units to their high-rise at 33 N. Fifth, across from City Hall.
  • A 14,000 SQFT 18th floor is being built out at 50 West San Fernando, right above the Capital Club. Elevators are currently being extended and the Art Deco circles at the top will soon be replaced with windows.
  • Cinnaholic is now open at 115 E. San Carlos St.
  • Habana Cuba has moved from Midtown to the SoFA Market and is now open.
  • Formula Nutrition is now open and selling supplements at 15 N. Second St.
  • Music in the Park returns June 22nd.
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  1. Josh, Do you wish Downtown SJ looks like this:

  2. Don't you wish SJ look like this?


  4. Someday it might look better ;) Not bigger, but a more eclectic skyline than Sao Paulo which is dense but very generic looking.