Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Downtown Progress Report

The SJ Economy blog has a great synopsis of Downtown's current state. This info and slides are mostly pulled from Downtown Manager Blage Zelalich's presentation to a City Council committee.

There are a lot of interesting statistics in the post. Millennials make up 47% of Downtown San Jose versus the city average of 30% and population. Population growth Downtown is 4.2% versus 1.2% for San Jose as a whole. Education levels are also slightly higher Downtown (66% have bachelor's degrees versus 39%) but household income is under $80k (less than the San Jose median). To net it out, Downtown is growing quickly with a young, well educated, yet not affluent population.

There are a total of 180 tech companies Downtown (up from 100 a few years ago) and 10,000 residents in the core. 505 residential units opened last year with 2,173 currently under construction.

The post also touches on events, culture, and public art. It's a worthwhile read and helps substantiate that Downtown is booming right now. Click here to see the post!

Source: SJ Economy

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