Tuesday, September 4, 2018

WeWork opens second Downtown San Jose location

The coworking industry is still picking up steam. One of the market leaders, WeWork, already has several spaces in Silicon Valley including a 75,000 SQFT Downtown San Jose location at 75 E. Santa Clara Street. That location already has 1,382 desks, but apparently that is not enough.

By the end of the year WeWork is opening a new 72,167 SQFT location at 333 W. San Carlos Street, also known as Riverpark Towers. The second location will have 1,344 desks across four floors of the building.

Coworking primarily (but not exclusively) benefits small business and entrepreneurs. As these companies grow there will be increased demand for more office space in San Jose, hopefully helping offset our jobs and housing imbalance. A second WeWork location is a very positive sign for our central business district.

Source: SVBJ

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