Thursday, October 25, 2018

SJC International expansion taps the brakes

We have become accustomed to a steady stream of positive news regarding San Jose International Airport. Over the past couple years, ridership and new routes have ballooned. In fact, we have overtaken Oakland as the Bay Area's #2 airport.

However, there has been a recent contraction in International routes. Perhaps we grew too quickly and have to adjust the pace.

Aeromexico is stopping service to Guadalajara (it is also pulling out of four other airports). Earlier in the summer, Air China also stopped the twice weekly flight to Shanghai and Lufthansa cancelled their flight to Frankfurt Germany. Guadalajara is still serviced by both Volaris and Alaska Airlines (it's also a really cool city with amazing food and culture worthy of a visit). Here is the updated list of international routes out of SJC:

  • Asia
    • Tokyo (ANA)
    • Beijing (Hainan)
    • Shanghai (Air China)
  • Europe
    • London (British Airways)
    • Frankfurt (Luftansa)
  • North America
    • Vancouver (Air Canada)
    • Guadalajara (Volaris, Alaska Airlines, Aeromexico)
    • Cabo San Lucas (Alaska Airlines)
    • Mexico City (Volaris)
    • Morelia (Volaris)
    • Zacatecas (Volaris)
    • Leon (Volaris)

While unfortunate, perhaps this gives us the opportunity to consider more popular routes between tech centers. Seoul, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, and Dubai would bring a ton of value to San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Source: SVBJ


  1. It only flies once a week (Saturdays) but I believe Southwest still has a nonstop to Cabo San Lucas as well.

  2. Part of the problem with the Lufthansa flight was that it used an A340-300, which is much older and much less fuel efficient than the 787s flown to SJC by British Airways and Hainan.

    1. They actually used brand new A350s and were the largest planes that flew out of SJC. San Jose also doesn't have a lot of business partners in Frankfurt. They banked on a leisure plan. They needed a business route

  3. this is good news. less air travel means less greenhouse gas emissions. i recommend choosing an airline randomly, and prohibiting it from using SJC. that would send a signal that San Jose is serious about climate change. even better would be to block off a few roads.

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