Thursday, December 13, 2018

WinterFest at California's Great America

Great America's WinterFest is already in full swing. The theme park is completely decked out for the Holidays. Just like Halloween this year, they did an outstanding job with the decorations. Most of the rides are operating and there are holiday surprises around every corner--carolers, a dance troop on a trolley, costumed entertainers. The lake at the entrance of the park is now an ice skating rink and the food vendors are now offering holiday classics.

New this year are WinterFest igloos. These are cozy heated lounges that you can rent for the whole day in the park. They come with food and beverage delivery, a concierge, reserved seating at shows, and complimentary ice skating or carriage riding. I was able to test them out at a media event and was really impressed. It's a novel concept for those that want the full VIP experience and are willing to pay for it (the rental fee is $299 for a party of four).

Tickets to WinterFest start at only $19.50. For more information, click here.

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  1. Fantastic place! I can’t wait for my vacation to start and I can come here with the children