Wednesday, July 3, 2019

San Fernando Bike Lanes

Downtown San Jose has become of of the most bike-friendly urban centers in the United States and is getting better year after year. Check out the video below showcasing nearly two miles of continuously protected lanes down San Fernando Street.

Source: Sharkcity from the San Jose Development Forum

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  1. I'm mostly concerned about the remaining lanes for traffic. They seem to be very narrow and I've watched buses crawl through or even have to wait for traffic in the opposite lane clear so they could get through. Also, they seem very random. Driving down 3rd street from Reed, the bike lanes are inconsistent. Some cross streets have a right turn lane, some don't. This causes traffic to back up. The bike lanes on 4th near SJSU have been in place for a couple of years, yet they rarely get used. Now they are even more protected and still get little use. But making turns is super tight now for cars.