Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Downtown San Jose artwork

I stumbled across several stunning canvas prints of Downtown San Jose. The series is called VIVID SAN JOSE by West Coast Artworks. I was torn between getting one of the last two, but eventually decided on the San Carlos Street at night piece.

Update: I ended up getting both, and they look amazing.

You can find a few more options at the artist's Etsy page.

Source: aphelion2100 from the San Jose Development Forum

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  1. Thank you for your support and kind words. Being fan of modern art and being a graphic designer myself I knew there was a lack of compelling visual material representing The 10th largest city and my hometown San Jose. So when a need arose for critical support from me that needed a new income stream I started this venture to put my art on stretched canvas and begin selling at local art festivals. It has been very cool to hear many people tell me this is their first piece of art they have purchased. It has also been very rewarding to have them thank me for being a Pro-San Jose artist. If you have any questions for me please contact through my Etsy online Store -Phillip Gonzales -West Coast Artworks (formally Hip Room)