Monday, October 28, 2019

San Jose planning to double the number of electric car charging stations

San Jose is already one of the most Electric Vehicle (EV) friendly cities in the world. The combination of a progressive technological mindset, great weather, many single-family homes with garages, and a concern for the environment has led to a recipe for EV success. There are more miles driven in Teslas in San Jose than any other city in the world except for Los Angeles, which has quadruple our population.

There are already well over a thousand EV charging stalls in San Jose, many of them are free to encourage shoppers to visit or as an amenity to employees. Where can you find a free gas station?  Santana Row alone has 160 chargers, almost half of which are Tesla chargers on the 4th floor of the main parking structure (photos below).

Things are about to get even better for EV owners. San Jose has announced they will be receiving $14 million to install even more electric vehicle charging stations. This is enough to fund 1,400 universal chargers which any electric car can use, and 100 new fast chargers that can add miles almost as fast as a gas station in select cars. Public and private institutions that install chargers will get a significant rebate, which extra rebates available for low income areas and multi-unit residential buildings.

If you are thinking about an electric car, I highly recommend the Tesla Model 3. It's $36k after rebates, no maintenance for 4 years, 250+ miles of range, it's safe, fast, fun, and you can use any charger in the US including Tesla's proprietary fast chargers that are now everywhere. If interested, you can get 1,000 free miles of fast charging by clicking here.

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