Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Supporting the Downtown SJ restaurants that are still open

There are still many great Downtown restaurants (and even some bars) that are still serving customers with curbside pick-ups, to-go orders, and partnerships with delivery services like Doordash and Uber Eats. The San Jose Downtown Association has put together a handy list of the places that are still open for business. By patronizing local restaurants in these tough times, we can help ensure they will still be around later this year. Here are a few of my favorites on the list:

  • Back-A-Yard - hands down one of my favorite restaurants. They are even featured in the Michelin Guide as one of San Jose's 8 Michelin Recommended restaurants. Try the oxtail, plantains, and corn festivals
  • Good Karma - vegan cafe with Good Karma and GREAT beers. This was San Jose's first real craft beer hangount. Even if you're not a vegan you'll find quality food with rare libations to wash them down with.
  • Pizza Flora - same owner as Good Karma--I'm a total carnivore and was blown away at how good these pizzas were. Seriously I would have never guessed these were vegan, and again the beer selection here is phenomenal. 
  • Henry's Would Famous Hi Life - I don't think this needs any elaboration, one of our staple BBQ joints.
  • Terke's Germania - another Downtown staple serving up quality German eats and beers by the liter.
  • Hapa Musubi - one of our most popular new additions to the food scene. I have visited this place three times and they were completely sold out of everything twice. Great musubi's that go well beyond the classic SPAM musubi (although they have that too).
  • Ludwig's German Table - Downtown's newer German spot. Love the Schnitzel and Pretzels here. Looking forward to sitting in their outdoor patio again one day.
  • Silicon Valley Capital Club - this is a very notable restaurant on the list as it's a private club that you normally have to be a member of to dine in. They have curbside pickup and to-go orders for both members and non-members while restaurants are locked down.
  • Enoteca La Storia - one of my favorite Italian spots. Great pastas and pizzas. They are a bit light on proteins but are the ultimate spot to get your fix of delicious carbs.
  • HoM Korean Kitchen - inexpensive yet super delicious Korean eats, and it's open late.
  • Haberdasher SJ - not only can you get cocktails to go from my favorite bar Downtown, but they also have chicken pot pies, snacks, and the best cookies I've ever had... Honey jack bacon sugar cookies. I ended up going through the entire bag of like 16 cookies in one day.
  • Cafe Stritch - American comfort food classics. You'll have to supply the Jazz music yourself at home though.
  • 71 Saint Peter - high-end Mediterranean grill. Great date night option.
  • Miniboss - a great bar, restaurants, and arcade. You can get cocktails and Korean fusion food to go, but will have to provide your own video games these days.
  • Original Gravity - aame owners as Miniboss. San Jose's first purpose-built craft beer spot with a great selection of sausages and fries accompanies by homemade sauces.
There are also some great cafes on the list like Academic Coffee, Paper Moon, and Voltaire Coffee House.

To see the list of the 70+ Downtown San Jose restaurants that are still serving up meals to go, head over here.

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