Wednesday, May 20, 2020

SoFA Saturdays

The San Jose music scene must carry on until we are back to the point where we can have concerts and music festivals again. Thankfully, the SoFA Street Fair organizers have put together a new series of weekly virtual performances called SoFA Saturdays. Every weekend there will be live concerts, podcasts, and maybe even some martial arts. The site also allows easy access to ordering food and cocktails from SoFA businesses (many of which desperately need our help to stay afloat).

For more details and to see each week's lineup of performers, head over here.


STEP 1 - text your pals and tell them what’s up

STEP 2 - go to FOOD & DRINK and place your orders directly with
restaurants and breweries in SoFA that really need your business right now

STEP 3 - view the SCHED above to plan your evening.
you can even make an account to create a personalized schedule

STEP 4 - get out of the house for a bit, and go pick up your freshly made food,
craft cocktails, and beer all within a few blocks of each other in SoFA

STEP 5 - find your next performance using SCHED or by clicking on the TVs above
to be taken to the current livestream that channel is playing
and enjoy music, watch martial arts, hang backstage with the bands, or just chill.

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