Friday, February 12, 2021

Singer-songwriter Maddy Michaels release her debut single, Sanity on February 19th, 2021

Maddy Michaels, a singer-songwriter based in San Jose, is releasing her new single entitled "Sanity" next week on Feb 19th. I really like her cover of Head Above Water which you can find over here. Now's the time to support local artists so that hopefully we can enjoy a live music scene in San Jose again later this year (🤞 for summer). Check out Sanity on your favorite streaming platform Feb 19th!

“In sharing my mental health experience with others, I want to let them know they are not alone and encourage them to connect not only to my music but to those around them as we embark on this journey called life” -Maddy Michaels


San Jose, CA: The single Sanity from Maddy Michaels makes its digital debut on February 19th, 2021. It conveys her vulnerability and her experience with overwhelming anxiety. The intimate and honest lyrics woven into this pop-power ballad invite listeners to relate and connect to her music. Her message brings awareness to the highly stigmatized topic of mental health and sheds light on the emotional and mental obstacles faced by so many today. Sanity provides listeners with an uplifting message and inspires people to keep moving forward, though the path may be difficult. Michaels hopes her song will bring listeners optimism in 2021 as the world continues to face unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Sanity, produced and engineered by West Australian artist HILLOC, features a live band and string arrangement by Kevin Fong that brings the song to new heights. The track features HILLOC on keys, Brad Roberts on Guitar, Sebastian Valencia on Bass, Eric Hart on Drums, Alyssa Barker and Emily Gelineau on Violin, Ben Eyink and Megan Pham on Cello, and Noah Leong and Cecelia Cook on Viola. Cover art by Rachael Ho. 


Sanity is available on all streaming platforms on February 19th, 2021. 

Artist Bio: San Jose-based singer-songwriter and performer Maddy Michaels performs across a variety of genres. Her music and uplifting lyrics bring awareness to personal experiences and current social issues. Michaels music encourages audiences to find a path forward during these unprecedented times.  

“Music helps me through difficult times, I use music as a way to express myself and to help bring encouragement to the world.” -Maddy Michaels

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