Monday, May 15, 2023

San Jose B-roll on The Good Doctor

San Jose has not gotten a lot of love in film. Sure there have been some scenes in movies like Mad City and Terminator 2 filmed in San Jose, but nothing that really paints San Jose in a positive light. However, there is one show on TV right now called The Good Doctor where the story takes place in San Jose (it's filmed in Vancouver) and it frequently uses B-roll of Downtown San Jose. Some of it is decent but I finally caught up with the show and they really outdid themselves in the Season 6 finale.

Around the 37 minute mark if you're watching on Hulu is the best b-roll I have ever seen of Downtown San Jose. They took some artistic liberties as the parking structure the scene takes place on does not exist and the sunset positioning is not accurate... but wow. This episode had nearly 4 million viewers and it made Downtown look stunning.

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