Wednesday, June 21, 2023

What does AI think of Downtown San Jose?

As I delve more and more into AI for my day job, I thought it would be interesting to see what the latest algorithms think about Downtown San Jose. Remember these systems are trained by gathering the collective knowledge and sentiment from a wide range of sources with billions of virtual neurons reaggregating the data to form cohesive answers.

So I asked Google's Bard to write me a poem about Downtown San Jose and here is what I got:

Downtown San Jose

The streets are wide and open,
The buildings tall and proud.
The people come and go,
A never-ending crowd.

The sun shines down on all,
The rain falls soft and free.
The wind blows through the trees,
A gentle melody.

The city is alive,
A vibrant, beating heart.
It is a place of dreams,
A place of hope, a start.

Here, anything is possible,
The future is unwritten.
So come and join us now,
In Downtown San Jose.

Okay, that's not bad. Very debatable but at least there is no negative subtext. Well done Google. Now let's go to the market leader in this space, ChatGPT:

Here’s a poem about Downtown San Jose:

The heart of Silicon Valley, Downtown San Jose is the place to be, A tech cluster with a cultural vibe, It’s where the city comes alive.

The SoFA district is where it’s at, Arts, culture and entertainment that’s a fact, Located behind the Convention Center, It’s the perfect place to unwind and enter.

The Poetry Center San Jose is here, A place for poets and poetry lovers near, With events and workshops all year round, It’s where creativity can be found.

Love it! Especially since SoFA is one of my favorite places to hang out Downtown. Again, the sentiment is very positive. Nothing about empty streets or any other negative stereotypes that may or may not be true about Downtown. Now for the ultimate AI challenge... Midjourney, please draw me a picture of Downtown San Jose.

Okay, I'll give it an A for effort. It did capture the mountains in the background and our color scheme. Now let's step it up just one more notch. "What will Downtown San Jose look like in 50 years?"

Interesting--especially the autonomous pods and the extra height on that one tower. I think Downtown will actually look a look more interesting that this, but it still blows my mind that these types of requests can be answered in less than a minute and be drawn from scratch without repurposing or reusing any existing images. 

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