Friday, July 14, 2023

Restaurant Week July 13-23

The largest restaurant week in Downtown San Jose history kicked off yesterday and continues all the way until July 23rd. This is a great opportunity to try out special fixed price multi-course menus at discount prices. 

There are several newer restaurant this year such as AJI (in the Signia by Hilton hotel, formerly the Fairmont), Angkor Chef, Bum Me Up, Tiki Pete, Case Guzmania (which is excellent), Fox Tales Fermentation Project (also excellent), La Carne Asada, Mommy's Banh Mi, Master Shin, and Dr. Funk with a cocktail as part of the 3-course menu. Your old favorites are on the list as well.

Check out all 45+ restaurants over here and support your unique, local San Jose Restaurants!

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