Friday, July 7, 2023

San Jose seeks freedom from the San Francisco Giants

Here is some fun history. San Jose used to be part of the Oakland A's territory. When the San Francisco Giants were interested in building a ballpark in San Jose in the 90s, the A's kindly gifted them the territory so that the team could build a new ballpark in San Jose. That's called good sportsmanship.

The project fell through and after many years, the A's were interested in building their own stadium in Downtown San Jose. In an ironic twist, the Giants refused to give them back the territorial rights that were originally given to them for free.

Now, the Bay Area will very likely end up losing the A's and having only a single team for over 8 million people. In the process, San Jose will continue to be held hostage by archaic territorial rights. These will remove any future possibility of us hosting a professional baseball team of our own--whether it is a team looking to relocate or an expansion team.

Mayor Matt Mahan is now the fifth mayor writing to the MLB Commission to abandon these ridiculous territorial claims. San Jose is the only major city in North America that is not allowed to have their own pro baseball team. For more details, click the source link below.

Source: ABC7News

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