Thursday, May 9, 2024

San Jose connection improvements to the Central Coast

Decades in the making, rail options are expanding between Monterrey County to San Jose. This includes two new stations in Monterrey County. $1M has been secured in the last bipartisan rail bill. That is million with a M and not a B like many of the other projects that have been discussed here. Seems like low-hanging fruit to expand service.

The two new stations will be in Pajaro close to Watsonville and another in downtown King City. Both will have the potential of taking large numbers of cars off of 101 during peak commute times being used by supercommuters driving an hour or more.

It's nice to some new rail projects moving forward quickly. The Pajaro station will begin construction in early 2027 while King City station will start in 2026.

Source: KSBW8

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