Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Bike Lanes are a Go!

It looks like the new protected bike lanes on 3rd and 4th have been added! Just in time for our new bike sharing/rental program coming this fall. Other bike projects scheduled this year for Downtown include adding a "green-painted" lane down San Fernando and new lanes on Almaden, 10th Street, and 11th Street. Thanks to Luke for sending this in.


  1. We need more of these downtown. This is a great idea, although it would have been nice to actually paint the bicycle lane logo on them. I still see people driving in them

  2. People are probably driving in them, because cyclists are still using the freakin sidewalks.

  3. Dumb idea, Having just seen this set up today, I can only imagine what it will be like at Interstate 280 (getting both on and off the freeway) once SJSU is back in session. Traffic does get quite congested around that area and now take out a lane for the benefit of a few. I see San Jose has went ahead with yet another half baked idea (plastic bag ordinance for instance), I'd hate to see what else they come up with to make things more of a burden in this already terrible city.

    1. I'm with you on the bag ordinance but not the bike lanes. 3rd and 4th having 3 lanes is completely unnecessary based on existing traffic conditions, and it also turns these streets into mini-expressways, not good for pedestrians or bicyclists which we're trying to get more of in San Jose. 2 lanes will be fine for each of these streets and it will open the door for more pedicabs, pedestrians, and bicyclists Downtown.

      However, I was hoping they would also change the parallel parking on one side to diagonal parking to squeeze a few more parking spaces on these streets (like 2nd street past San Salvador).

  4. I'm a downtown SJ (Naglee Park) resident and avid cyclist and love the idea of more bike lanes, however, I must admit that I'm confused about the new bike lanes. In the picture above, if I were driving a car and needed to turn right, would I remain to the left on the solid line (with buffer and bike lane on my right) and turn from there? Or would I move right into the "bike lane" (after checking for cyclists) and turn right from the bike lane?