Tuesday, July 17, 2012

San Jose Green Energy Match

San Jose is part of a contest to be the "Coolest" California City along with 9 other cities. The contest is essentially won by being green and trying to save as much energy as possible. The prize is $10,000 and of course some bragging rights. In order to participate, all you need to do is register for the program by clicking one of the links below. In addition to helping out the city, you will also be able to take advantage of substantial local discounts as a "thank you" for participating. So it's a win for everyone: the city, you, and the environment!

Save Money on Energy Bills and Receive 70% Off Coupons

Join Green Energy Match, the City of San Jose’s free program for saving energy. This program provides online software that analyzes your home energy use and makes simple energy-saving recommendations.

Receive 70% Coupons — you’ll get BIG discounts at local stores and restaurants by signing up

Save Money — reduce your energy bills with helpful customized tips

Help San Jose Win — San Jose is competing in the Cool California Challenge and the City needs you!

Go to www.greenenergymatch.org to sign up. The program is available only until the end of July.

Or call 800-314-5997. This program is sponsored by the City of San Jose, Silicon Valley Energy Watch, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, WattzOn and Acterra.


  1. The 70% off coupons I got for signing up are easy to use at offer 20 places in San Jose, I would sign up just for those.

  2. At the end of July they will finish selecting the first round of winning cities. But the competition will continue over the next 9 months until the end of March 2013. Participants can continue using the Green Energy Match resources beyond that, so as important as it is to sign up sooner than later, please sign up for the program anytime!

  3. Don't forget o link your PG&E bill to your GEM profile - that will give San Jose more points in the contest to be the "coolest city."