Friday, May 16, 2014

Asian Fusion Restaurant Replacing P.F. Chang's Location Downtown

There is so much restaurant news Downtown that I'm having a hard time keeping up! Perhaps the biggest news in the past month is that the flagship 7,100 SQFT space at the corner of San Fernando and Second Street that was occupied by PF Chang's has already been leased. The turnaround time here was dramatically faster than replacing E&O Trading Company... another key restaurant that disappeared years ago whose space is now filled by Nemea (a big improvement in my opinion).

M Lounge Bar and Restaurant is the name of the upscale Asian fusion restaurant going into 98 S. Second Street and filling a key corner in Downtown San Jose. Ashwini Kumar is the restaurateur and is already known for Madhuban Indian, which is located in San Jose (50 Skyport Drive) and Sunnyvale (544 Lawrence Expressway). M Lounge will be a mix of Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and Indian cuisine. Clocking in a 260 seats, it will also be one of the largest restaurants Downtown.

M Lounge has signed a 5-year lease, so expect them to be around for quite a while. The target opening date is August, but that might be a little optimistic. I can't wait to try this place out!

Source: SVBJ


  1. Hey, that's great news!! I'd been wondering about this place (is it going to be an indie, Nemea type of place or is it corporate?). For some reason, I kept envisioning a Cheesecake Factory there (the old Zanotto's space is also a great restaurant waiting to happen). Also, fyi–it's FUSION. :)

    Thanks again for the news.

    1. Thanks, fixed! I think it will be more like Nemea.

    2. Love it!!! I'm a big Nemea fan!!

  2. This is great. We need more locally owned businesses replacing generic blah corporate chains. Support local!