Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Stats: Silicon Valley has More Billionaires than SF

There are a whopping 56 billionaires that are living in the Bay Area. What surprised me is that there are more living in Silicon Valley as opposed to San Francisco. Most of the 34 billionaires in Silicon Valley live in Woodside, Palo Alto, and Atherton.

Other interesting tidbits. Seven new billionaires were minted last year in the Bay Area (two from Facebook), Larry Ellison is the richest person in Silicon Valley and fifth in the world with a new worth of $48 billion, and just about all of the Bay Area's billionaires made their money in tech.

Combined, Silicon Valley's billionaires are worth $301 billion, which makes up 62% of the net worth of all the billionaires in California. Another way to say that is of all the extreme wealth in the state, 62% of it is in Silicon Valley. Now let's hope some of these billionaires share their wealth in the local area and help improve our communities!

Source: SVBJ

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  1. Let's hope they just don't hoard that money.