Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Axis Residents Helping to Clean Up the Neighborhood

A bunch of Axis residents have gotten together to help clean a vacant lot next to the newly restored 7up sign between Notre Dame Ave and North Almaden. They cleared out most of the weeds and added some nice landscaping on the perimeter of the lot. It's really nice to see Downtown residents taking pride in where they live!


  1. Did the SJDA or PBID play a role in this cleanup?

    1. No organization or program was involved. This clean up was done by some of the residents in the area who decided to make a difference in our neighborhood.

  2. Axis of Goodness!


  3. I've watched the neighbors use this little area to exercise their dogs. This just goes to show how DESPERATE we are for parks and the parks we have do have need to RESPECT their communities by being funded to maintain. This goes for ALL the parks, not just the political pet project ones.
    Frederick E. Olmsted landscape architecture Central Park in New York City, "Olmsted believed that the common green space must always be equally accessible to ALL CITIZENS. This principle is now fundamental to the idea of a "public park", but was not assumed as necessary then."
    .....And NOW?
    Frederick Law Olmsted-also designed One of San Jose's oldest parks, St James Park
    ......"Our parks are a terrible thing to let waste, especially the little ones that bust their seams providing for their desperate need".
    ~AAP volunteer RB

  4. typo correct "and the parks we have need to RESPECT their communities by being funded to maintain."
    ~AAP volunteer RB

  5. Awesome -- thank you, Axis folks!