Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Content 9.5 Pick-up Party at Forager Tasting Room

Content Magazine is hosting a party to celebrate their latest issues on Thursday, October 19th at Forager in SoFA (420 South First Street). Forager is a really interesting venue to begin with and this is the perfect opportunity to explore it.

The latest issue is entitled "profiles" and features:  Ryan Baird; Pilar Arg├╝ero-Esparza; Jimmy Fonseca; Robinson Wood; Danielle Rahe Fox of Give Me Cashmere; Viviane Ly; Gross Magazine; The Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez; Gemma Morgan; Ron P. Muriera; Lauren Baines; Cayce Hill at Veggielution; Joey and Gwen Reyes; Nate LeBlanc; Hive & Hum; Veronica Ruckman, co-owner of Social Policy; Voltaire Coffee House; Raul Peralez; Apis Floral; Alyssa Kompelien; Demone Carter; Nuria Feradez at VTA; Limon Salon; Carolina Villafane; Vero's Coffee Bar; Tim Lin; Chromatic Coffee; Umunhum Brewing; John Beaver; Liz Ruiz; Lorenz Mazon Dumuk; Moses Kinnah; Lake Stovall Music; Claudia Saenz, founder of Chulita Vinyl Club; Courtney Smith Kramer of Purematter; and more.

The event goes from 7pm-9pm and includes live music, refreshments, and signature beverages. You are welcome to attend even if you are not a subscriber. For more information, head over to the event's Facebook page.

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