Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two New Potential Projects!

From the San Jose Development Forum, Posted by xThomasTroublex:

Fourth Street Apartments

First Community Housing will build 100 energy-efficient apartments (one, two and three-bedrooms) on a .79 acre site downtown located two blocks from light rail. This multifamily housing includes two stories of structured parking, with a landscaped courtyard providing open space, a seventh floor terrace and a demonstration green “living” roof.

Fisher Friedman Associates, AIA, an award-winning architectural firm, designed the nine story building.

* On-Site Manager and Maintenance Staff
* Laundry Facility
* Community Room/Lounge
* Computer Lab
* Play structure
* Picnic Tables/BBQ
* Each unit wired for Internet access
* Energy-efficient windows
* Free annual transit pass (Eco Pass)

Housing Choices Coalition (HCC) will provide Resident Services Coordination to Fourth Street residents with developmental disabilities, and facilitate communication between these residents and property management, providing one point of contact for the purposes of continuity and comprehensive communication. This includes a comprehensive marketing and screening process to ensure that appropriate services are in place before a client signs a lease. HCC will work with these special needs residents to create a sense of community and to encourage a support network among their neighbors and friends.

Second Street Studios

First Community Housing is proposing to build 134 energy-efficient studio and one-bedroom apartments at the corner of South Second Street and Keyes Street over ground-level retail. Thirty-five percent of the units will be set aside for the developmentally disabled population and those who require in-home services.

Rob Wellington Quigley, AIA is an award-winning architectural firm that designed the building. The current plan includes 11,211 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, with on-site parking for customers, employees, and residents. The building is registered in the LEED for Homes Mid-rise pilot program incorporates a living roof, and is expected to receive a LEED Gold or Platinum certification.

Second Street Studios will showcase innovative, green building materials and systems developed in Silicon Valley. The US Green Building Councils LEED certification program credits buildings that use regional materials within a 500 mile radius. The Second and Keyes building will focus more specifically on the influence and innovation of the Silicon Valley. LEED defines locally sourced materials as those building materials or products that have extracted, harvested or recovered, as well as manufactured, within proximity to the site.

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