Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Major Updates (for the Sharks-related posts)

Hello, Sharks fans – what a long time it has been! Although my absence has been extensive and my return way overdue, I feel that this update should be quite significant (which I think it is!).

As some of you have already noticed, I have been providing updates to the Sharks games on Twitter since the Sharks took on the Washington Capitals on January 7th. This is one significant update of three that I plan to make as I make the transition to giving you, the fans, more action-packed posts.

Here are the three major updates I plan to implement in the coming days:

1) Video updates by ME.
• That’s right – I just purchased an HD camera that will soon be the tool I use to provide the fans with my personal updates and takes on the Sharks.
• If possible, will include video highlight reels to complement the video presentation.
• Updates will likely be performed on a weekly basis, although my work schedule may change the course of events (I audit for a Big 4, so this can be very true factor).

2) Live updates to every Sharks game on Twitter (@TheSanJoseBlog).
• All goals, power plays (and penalty kills), significant events, and “end of period updates” will be contributed.
• Important updates from the official Sharks twitter will be re-tweeted.
• Team updates everyone should know about will be posted or re-tweeted.
• I will also be available to reply to Sharks-related tweets sent to @TheSanJoseBlog.

3) A New Sharks statistics spreadsheet (in progress)
• All of you interested in stats of all kinds (goals, assists, penalties, hits, blocked shots, takeaways, face-offs, shots, and more) and can open Excel documents (.xlsx) on your computer – this is for you.
• This is also for those who are sick and tired of trying to interpret the multiple PDF document pages of stats for each game, typically presented in an incomprehensible format.
• Includes significant career stats for active Sharks players and all stat types for each player for the current season.
• Once completed, the document will be free to download.

Hopefully I can deliver on all three major updates in the days to come to provide you, the fans, with a clear picture of the performance of our Sharks. As far as the video updates are concerned, I will be interested in creating an intro to the videos, but that may come with time.

Hope all is well and GO SHARKS!

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